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My writing services include equity income investment writing, detailed analysis and regular reporting plus other bespoke research writing


Equity income investment writing

As an independent investment writer, my articles are technically accurate but creative and thought-provoking. As clients are becoming ever more demanding, effective communication becomes rather important.


I hope to produce strong, compelling and concise articles, capturing an appropriate tone and articulating key themes. The resulting copy is therefore relevant, accurate and tailored to the desired audience. Whilst grabbing and holding their attention, I expect that readers should always take away the core message.


Individual stock specific, sector or thematic equity income analysis

As an equity analyst having worked in the investment banking industry for more than 20 years, and before that in investor relations, I have gained extensive knowledge of global equity markets.


Having focused solely on the global equity income sphere for the last five years, I have written on sectors from pharmaceuticals to telecoms, commodities to tobacco. I am able to combine bespoke research requests and address the risks and opportunities from a long-term investing perspective.


Dividend income and share buyback reporting

Investment writing is a natural follow on from my continued analysis of dividend income and share buyback data. Backing up my research, I maintain extensive databases of global equity income stocks, dividends paid and cash spent on share buybacks.

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In today's low-yield world, the importance of a long-term, re-invested and
compounding dividend payment should always be embraced

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